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Rain Drops… Cropped Tops

There is nothing I love more than a piece with multiple personalities. This little pink top is so light and casual while the cropped-out shoulders actually make me feel, dare I say, sexy. It is simple, yet girly making it perfect for almost any occasion. Take into account that I’m still recovering from a month… Continue reading Rain Drops… Cropped Tops

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Slice of Heaven

Recipe for healthy pizza. How to make vegetarian pizza you won’t feel guilty for eating afterwards.

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Eggvocado for One

Literally, the combination of my two favorite foods. Egg + Avocado!  I love this recipe because the preparation is minimal and the presentation is absolutely adorable. Sometimes I have no motivation to cook “fancy” unless I know I am also cooking for others. This recipe is easy enough to pull off on a lazy Saturday morning and could… Continue reading Eggvocado for One

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Monday Motivation

As with every Monday, I have slept off the no f***s given attitude and traded it in for a double dose of “you can do this!” I have planned a full two weeks…


Get Lit at Gaslamp

Ever have that spur of the moment urge to just get away?