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Rain Drops… Cropped Tops

There is nothing I love more than a piece with multiple personalities. This little pink top is so light and casual while the cropped-out shoulders actually make me feel, dare I say, sexy. It is simple, yet girly making it perfect for almost any occasion. Take into account that I’m still recovering from a month of ditching my “diet” over the holidays, here lies yet another reason I am completely obsessed with it, as it also conveniently camouflages my stubborn food babies.img_4276

I wore this little gem to an evening get-together where there were plenty of games, soul-food and dancing.  I spiced it up by pairing it with tights (because let’s face it, tights are life) and a floral snap back.


The best part, however, was that with a quick tuck and a flowing cardigan concealing the open shoulders it quickly transformed this flirty top into a casual business blouse; Perfect for a night of drinking on a work night where your walk of shame leads you strait into the office. (This doesn’t happen nearly as often as that sentence makes it sound, but I’m just saying.


I snagged this piece from the sales rack at Burlington Coat factory for like $7. What can I say, I love a deal. I’ve seen plenty of similar styles in assorted lengths and colors making it ideal for any age or body type.




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