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Lakeside Lace Up

lake-balboaIt’s time for a little Monday Motivation. I officially cancelled my gym membership last week (bet that’s not where you thought I was headed). I didn’t want to, in fact, I quite miss my barre studio and many of my fellow barre mates. Luckily, I’m not saying “goodbye” as much as I am saying “See ya later”. Just needed to take a little hiatus while I get my life together so the $100/month membership isn’t scraping the bottom of my pockets.

That being said, after a full 5 days of absolutely no type of working out at all, I woke up early Saturday morning with that itch. You know, like a gnat you keep swatting at but it doesn’t go away. I couldn’t help myself. I knew I needed to get up and do something. These gains ain’t loyal so if I want to maintain what I got, I have to keep going, with or without my favorite little black barre.

lake-balboa-6I decided to go back to where it all started. Lacing up the running shoes and knocking out a 2 mile run. My love for running began two years ago and soon became one of my favorite past times. That feeling of leaves crunching underneath my feet, and the wind cooling the sweat on my brows is something you just can’t get on a treadmill.

Back home in Florida, there was no shortage of beautiful lakes and parks to tread around while you take in the green scenery. LA. . . not so much!


Luckily, I was in Van Nuys when I got the itch and a little birdie suggested Balboa Park in Burbank. It was only a 5 minute drive and I could not have asked for more. Cue angles singing and trumpets flaring. Talk about the perfect place to reignite my fiery feet. Beautiful green lawns, budding cheery blossom trees, and glistening still waters. Yes, water! Lake Balboa is exactly one mile around, making it the perfect metric system for the unplugged runner. The grounds are not only well kept, but they are full of life. Golfers, family gatherings, fellow joggers and bikers alike were all in attendance early Saturday morning just as the sun began to turn up the heat.


My regular 2 mile jog turned into a 5 mile adventure, as there are plenty of pathways to choose depending on how far you’re willing to go. Just so we’re clear, half of those 5 miles were spent not running, aka trying not to die… and snap chatting my new found home away from home.

Sometimes you just need the right motivation. I found mine. What’s yours?

Its time to lace up! Meet me by the lake.



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