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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday, and as with every Monday I am feeling my muscles firing up with exuberance and countering my lackadaisical efforts over this weekend to deny anything that required energy or shaving my legs. Work out, meal prep, deep condition my hair, my typical Sunday activities, were thwarted by binge watching The Killing on Netflix and stuffing my face with savory, spicy shrimp and thai food at an awesome little spot i recently discovered. That in combination with playing hookie from my barre workouts, not once, not twice, but THRICE this weekend proved I was clearly in a no f***s given state of mind.

Which brings me back to Monday. It is here and I am surprisingly full of cheer because I just realized that in two weeks I will be on a plane heading to Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Not only will this be my first time in Jamaica, but I will also be witnessing the union the union of my beautiful cousin and her lucky fiance. In preparation for the get away, I am excited to have an excuse to add more to my already exhaustive collection of bathing suits, but I am also slightly disappointed that between my two months of barre classes and semi-consistent eating healthy regimens (granted they are definitely more consistent than semi), I still have no visible abs.

I know… I know… abs are made in the kitchen.

You can’t use target training.

The key to abs is consistency.

I just assumed that it wouldn’t take that much work because I’m already fairly “slim”. With my trip being right around the corner, I can say I have more enthusiasm now than I’ve had all year. While I know my efforts may not produce wash board abs in a magical time span of 14 days, that doesn’t mean this bad ass capricorn isn’t going to drive herself crazy trying anyway.

That being said, it’s Monday and as with every Monday, I have slept off the no f***s given attitude and traded it in for a double dose of “you can do this!” I have planned a full two weeks of clean eating and carb cycling. I have also planned my afternoons around my typical barre workouts with the addition of the cardio and weight training exercises that I haven’t touched with a ten foot pole since… probably ever. I will be sharing my results in the weeks to come and can not wait to see if the extra effort will offer some visible rewards before my big trip. Wish me luck!



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