Get Lit at Gaslamp

Ever have that spur of the moment urge to just get away?

Yea, I get that urge too, typically around the same time everyday when that itis kicks in after lunch but I still have 5 hours left at my desk. Luckily, the Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego offered me the perfect stay-cation get away. Not only was the three hour drive from LA relatively short, but between the rolling hills and the lustrous lagoons the drive was surprisingly delightful!

Considering I took this weekend trip on a whim, I was awestruck at how enamored I was with the city within the first few minutes. Gas lit lampposts, hence the name, lined the street corners with historic charm. Old Victorian style buildings also added to the ambiance. The cupid’s arrow that really struck a chord in my heart was the rows and rows of bars. Yea, I’m one of those girls.gaslamp-district

Forget the ridiculous traffic and near impossible parking of downtown LA. The Gaslamp Quarter offers 16 square blocks of bars that are all within walking distance to each other. Parking is still a factor but for a small walk, affordable parking is within reach. Did I mention that the district is pretty much 16 blocks of bars? 

As a self- diagnosed party animal, I have enjoyed the sleepless nights of New York, the easy breezy beach life of Miami, the and the adult playgrounds of Las Vegas.

The Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego is definitely for the party goer and the beer downer in you. Even though it doesn’t offer the same “all-nighters”, with most joints closing at the standard 2 am, there were still hookah lounges, cafes and pizza parlors open through the wee hours. 

 Some of the more notable spots included:

The Nolen

Located on the 13th floor of the Marriott, this swanky rooftop offers 360 views of the city. With glass pebbled fire pits and laid back Rnb jams, it offers a grown and sexy vibe with drinks to match.

Barley Mash

Here you can enjoy wall to wall flat screens covering every sports game imaginable while you enjoy fresh beer from over two dozen choices on tap. With cuisines like duck empanadas and stout braised short ribs, this progressive pub offers a sports bar-like menu for the gourmet palate.

The Tipsy Crow

This bar is unlike any bar around it. When I went, there was a guitar player/ comedian keeping the place lively with his witty tunes. What really makes this place unique is their “Drink Exchange” menu. Styled like a stock exchange board, the prices of the drinks fluctuate based on how many people have purchased it that day. As the prices go down, the libations go up, making it the perfect place to commence any celebration.

Onyx Room

For some more, how do you say, urban flavor, the Onyx Room is the place to be. This night club is perfect for a large group because the DJs spin everything from hip-hop to EDM. Depending on your tastes you can get down with your bad self upstairs or get pumped up dancing downstairs. (See what I did there?)

Art Hookah Lounge

So what do you do when the bars round up their last calls and the bouncers start herding everyone out of the club? Art Hookah Lounge is open until 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays, but it is the distinct style that makes this the go- to choice. Enjoy sitting indoors or outdoors while you select from a variety of flavors in fluorescent glowing pipes and tasty fruit ensembles.

So the next time you’re thinking of planning a mini drunken excursion, be sure to pin the Gaslamp District in San Diego as your destination. You won’t regret it!


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